Wednesday, March 8, 2023


Today all of our homeschool group families gathered at Morris Library at SIU to participate in their Holi celebration. Even though it was Spring Break, we went on a field trip! This was a fantastic addition to the World Religions block we had in January/February. Holi is associated most closely with Hinduism:

Notes for Next Time:

It can be cold here during Holi, so as well as having pants, shirt, socks, and shoes that can get color on them, think about a jacket or coat!

Bring one towel per person to sit on in the car for the ride home.

Children can get powder in their mouths, so bring a bottle of water for rinsing & spitting.

Children can also get clumps of powder in their eyes, so bring an eyewash bottle. I have these in my first aid kit for the school and they are great!


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