Friday, March 31, 2023

Art History - Dale Chihuly

Our Specials schedule this year is

    Mon - Nature Study & Form Drawing

    Tue - Farm Day

    Wed - Handwork & Philosophy, Science Club

    Thu - Art History & Structured Word Inquiry

    Fri - Forest School

In my Art History 2022-2023 blog post, I decided April would be Dale Chihuly. Here are some resources and my planning notes:

Dale Chihuly
1941 -


Chihuly the Artist: Breathing Life into Glass

Classroom Chihuly (PDF)
lesson plan from Dick Blick - uses Dura-Lar

Faux Glass Flowers (PDF)
also uses Dura-Lar (.015")

Dale Chihuly Inspired Sculpture blog post
uses Shrinky Dink paper

Glass artist Chihuly will bring ‘most ambitious’ exhibition to Missouri Botanical Garden
Jan 25, 2023

I wanted to end each school year with a still-living artist. If you've been following this year -- my first attempt at teaching Art History -- you'll know that I originally planned to end the year with Faith Ringgold. When I heard about the exhibit at the Missouri Botanical Garden, however, I swapped her out for Dale Chihuly. Faith Ringgold is now in our list of artists for next year.

This week I made another change. Because May is a PPI month (Projects of Personal Interest) for my older students, it will already be very busy lesson-planning wise. I don't want to be rushing around trying to jam another artist in there as well. So I moved Claes Oldenburg to my list of artists for a future year, and moved Dale Chihuly to April. This way we can study him in April, go see the exhibit in St. Louis in May, and wrap up the school year in style!

Special Note:

    We will start our study of Dale Chihuly by looking backwards. We've had some nice connections happening here lately between what we are studying now and our work from the beginning of the school year!

    Read Aloud: Our current read-aloud story, Carry On, Mr. Bowditch by Jean Lee Latham, takes place during and after the Revolutionary War, so many of the professions mentioned in that story are ones we are familiar with from our Colonial America Living History Day in Week 6.

    Art History: Another connection, which now comes in handy for Art History, is that we had a Glassblower as a Special Guest. And I'm thrilled that I have several examples of hand-blown glass I can show.

    So, this week we will reread The Glassblower. If you're interested in those Week 6 notes, I've put them below.

    The Glassblower (Colonial People)

    by Christine Petersen

    Thursday, Oct 13 - Colonial America Living History Day

    Many thanks to our special guest, glass artist Chad Goodpastor, who presented the profession of Glassblower.

    The children spent a lot of time on their research, backboards, and notecards. The results were wonderful! The driveway was set up to be a street in a Colonial village, and the professions represented were







    We also had a delicious feast featuring five authentic Colonial America dishes! All of the detailed notes for our planning can be found below:

week of Apr 10:

week of Apr 17:

    Thu - read chapters 3 & 4 of The Glassblower

    this book would have worked out better if we had read one chapter each day, Mon - Thu (the chapters are quite long... but interesting!)

week of Apr 24:

    Wed - read prologue and chap 1-3 of

    World of Glass: The Art of Dale Chihuly

    by Jan Greenberg and Sandra Jordan

    Thu - finish up The World of Glass by reading chap 4-8

    this book would have worked out better if we had read three chapters each day, Mon - Wed, and then done the Macchia artwork on Thu

    other good connections with this book about Dale Chihuly could be

      p.7 - looking at my large glass Japanese float

      p.7 - playing marbles

      p.21 - watching a fox use both ears to judge distance between her and her prey, doing experiments with depth perception

      Wild Isles with David Attenborough, episode 1 (24:30 - 26:45)

      p.29 - looking at Native American blankets

      Coyote Steals the Blanket retold by Janet Stevens

    look at examples of artwork in 2023 wall calendar

    make Chihuly-inspired Macchia (PDF)
    uses basket coffee filters, plastic cups, markers, water, spray starch

    Dale Chihuly: Coffee Filters in the Rain post

week of May 1:

week of May 8:

    less Chihuly-inspired and more just for fun... to play around with the Shrinky Dink paper, and to finish up our Mycology lessons in Science Club... we are going to make Shrinky Dink mushrooms! we can trace the mushroom designs from our coloring books (trace on the smooth side with a Sharpie, color on the rough side with colored pencils)

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Eva said...

Is there a glassblower in your area? We have Corning not too far from us and it is wonderful to watch them blow glass.

Renee said...

We have a parent in our homeschool group who is a glass artist, as is my next-door neighbor, so we are really fortunate!

Eva said...

That is wonderful!