Sunday, February 25, 2024

Silkworm Field Trip

A fabulous addition to our study of Sister Mary Corita Kent in Art History!
We got a behind-the-scenes tour with the owner and each of the children got to silkscreen their own shirt!

Make Meatballs Sing: The Life and Art of Corita Kent
by Matthew Burgess

Bob starts by introducing us to the graphic designers

we visit offices, storage spaces, and equipment rooms

he explains the process of screen printing

a design with four colors

he prepares the equipment we are going to use

and gives a demonstration

each child gets a turn to make a shirt

after printing the shirts go through a big dryer
so that they are ready to wear right away

finally, Bob shows us how simple screen printing can really be

he draws a design freehand that he will turn into a printed piece

to do this he creates a resist that will be placed on top of this blank screen
so the ink only goes through the screen where you want it to

Bob also explained that for each of the colors in Corita Kent's designs,
she had to create a different resist

it's time to see his drawing transferred to a piece of fabric

Bob gave us this piece to keep as well

The trip was such a wonderful experience. I wanted the children to better understand the process she used to make her art. And now they do!

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