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Photos - Shelters & Capital Letters week 1

Here I am on February 1st pondering the wrap-up of our January topics!

For the older children, January was the Montessori Fourth Great Lesson (How Written Language Came to Be) plus an introduction to Structured Word Inquiry (SWI), which will now continue as a weekly special subject.

For the younger children, January was the remainder of the Capital Letters. Because I got COVID in December, I don't have many photos from that month, but I do want to share pics from November and the first block of Capital Letters before I share photos for January and the second block.

So here goes, and hopefully it is fun to see the continuing threads between November and January. We've done a lot of Language Arts lately!

I also have ALL of the Capital Letters notes of our stories & activities compiled briefly into one post here: Waldorf and the Capital Letters Block

Week 11 for us was the week which began November 13th and was the week before our Autumn Break. The Bobcats polished and published their Quality of Numbers main lesson books and began new yellow MLBs for the Capital Letters I block. The Bongos continued their November topic of Wonderful Houses Around the World. Those MLBs are orange, as orange is our color for Cultural topics (see Color Coding the Plan Book).

Here are some more past blog posts that go with our studies this week:

This week we finished Charlotte's Web as our lunchtime read aloud. When we come back from the break we will read some stories from Mongolia.

Here are some photos from week 11:

W is for Worm and U is for Underground
for the younger children
(we read Tillie and the Wall by Leo Lionni)

IPA Word of the Day for the older children
from The High Frequency Word Project

as always, daily goal setting at our Morning Meeting

reviewing math terminology

Pattern Play by Mindware

finger knitting

counting the books, bag by bag, from a new donation!

we got seven bags of ex-library books

using the Dot Game paper to add up all the books!

potato printing for O is for Otter

look at those little otter faces!

I love to use A Lot of Otters by Barbara Helen Berger for this lesson

S is for Stars

each lesson comes with a classroom script plus a message from the aliens

our group brainstorm of fundamental human needs

spelling test on high frequency words

rough drafting for the Shelters MLB

special guest Larry Millard demonstrates African drumming

he is starting up twice a month community drum lessons
so if you and your child are interested, let me know!

Thursday is Pajama Day!

they get to build forts and then do their work in their forts 😊

sofa cushions form the basis of a lot of the living room forts

covering a card table with a sheet also works

peacefully knitting inside a cozy library fort
built with the Chalkscapes Fantasy Fort Kit from HearthSong

a yeast experiment for B is for Bubbles

the children each get a portion of sleeping yeast and can add any kitchen ingredient they want to try to wake it up

plain yeast, as the control

yeast + warmed orange juice is the winner!

we mix up some homemade Bubble Stuff using the instructions in Earthways: Simple Environmental Activities for Young Children

we add in some watercolor paint and make Popped Bubble Art!

sewing up a finished Star Gnome...

who cheerfully sat by while she wrote in her Plan Book

building cars with CD wheels in Science Club

Zac continued to build forts over the Thanksgiving Break

a perfect tie-in to the Shelters block... and just a fun thing to do!

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