Friday, November 3, 2023

Art History - Sister Mary Corita Kent

In my Art History 2023-2024 blog post, I decided November would be Corita Kent. Here are some resources and my planning notes:

Sister Mary Corita Kent
1918 - 1986


Corita Art Center -
collection of artwork images organized chronologically by year

Ten Rules Poster - $18.00

Juiciest Tomato Ornament - $16.00

Wonderbread Ornament - $16.00

teacher guide for Make Meatballs Sing from Enchanted Lion Books

Directors’ Cuts: “Become Microscope” by Aaron Rose video

Sister Corita: The Juiciest Tomato

Come Alive! The Spirited Art of Sister Corita

by Julia Ault

Ordinary Things Will Be Signs for Us: Photographs by Corita

edited by Julia Ault, et al.

Learning by Heart: Teachings To Free The Creative Spirit

by Corita Kent and Jan Steward

Damn Everything But the Circus by Corita Kent

A 639-Year Concert, With No Intermission for Coronavirus
Sep 7, 2020

Mud Book: How to Make Pies and Cakes

by John Cage and Lois Lang

Beautiful Noise: The Music of John Cage

by Lisa Rogers

Nothing: John Cage and 4'33"

by Nicholas Day

week of Oct 30:

week of Nov 6:

week of Nov 27:

    do some lesson plans from Sister Corita's book, Learning by Heart: Teachings To Free The Creative Spirit

    lessons I love:

      p.14 - Find a Child

      p.21 - Nothing Is the Same

      p.22 - Contour Drawing

      p.49 - Contour Drawings of Contour Drawings

      p.57 - Food Label Promise Poems

      p.61 - Dandelion

      pp.84-85 - History Project

      pp.89-90 - Films Shown with Other Soundtracks
      (see also page 106)
      what would be a way to do this in the classroom?

      p.103 - Religious Texts and Newspaper Clippings

      p.107 - Maze

      p.124 - Ways of Drawing

      p.134 - Make a Stamp

      p.159 - Playing with Bean Sprouts

      p.166 - Make Three Games

      p.167 - Make a Toy

      p.171 - 500 Findings

    Mon - "self-portraits with a long stick"
    #3 from teacher guide for Make Meatballs Sing

    They loved this! It took about 45 minutes. They went outside to get their long sticks. I put acrylic ink in several colors into foam egg cartons cut into thirds (4 cups in each). They got two large sheets of construction paper apiece, one for practicing and one for the self portrait. Children worked in pairs and shared the egg cartons. Newpaper down first, then the two piles of construction paper with the ink in between. After they were done the ink-y sticks went straight back outside. Art on the drying rack. It worked so well!

    Tue - read and discuss quote from page 21: "Genius is looking at things in an unhabitual way."

    do "Make Three Games" and "Films Shown with Other Soundtracks"

    Wed - look at examples of Corita's artwork

    field trip to Silkworm (guided tour with owner plus a screen printing experience for each child)

    Thu - read and discuss quote from page 104: "Buckminster Fuller describes a genius as one who has not been damaged by education."

    do "Contour Drawings of Contour Drawings" and "Make a Toy"

    Sat - read Ten Rules poster

    do John Cage activities

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