Monday, August 10, 2009

Organic Cotton String Bags

Making my list of supplies to buy for the classroom. I wanted to find a place that sold organic cotton string bags (similar to those I saw used in the Boulder Waldorf Kindergarten for children's extra clothing). Great idea! We ask families to send in extra clothing for emergencies, and then the teachers are stuck sorting through two large plastic bins of gallon sized Ziploc bags each time we need to help a child get their extra clothing. I loved the idea of string bags which are simply hung on the hooks in the coat room. We have plenty of extra hooks and vertical storage is always preferable!

Here is a link to where you can buy these lovely bags.

String bags. Art supplies (modeling beeswax, watercolor paper, 3/4 inch brushes, watercolor paints). The teaching clock. The prepared slides for the microscope. There goes my annual budget.

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Rhoda said...

Fast forward almost four years later. The cotton string bags have held up great. They are totally sturdy and still look brand-new. It's easy for the teacher to see at a glance who doesn't have a change of clothes, so that we can write a letter home. We use paper tags on strings to label each child's bag, and take off the tags to put on new ones if a child leaves or a new child comes to the school. We just finished placing an order for more of these fantastic bags!