Monday, April 29, 2024

Science Club: Things That Fly

This has been a STEM year in Science Club and the kids have had a great time! We began the year with Things That Roll, including Balloon Powered Cars, Marble Powered Cars, and Rubber Band Powered Cars. We also built Pumpkin Racers!

Notes from Building

Photos from the Race

When we returned to school in January from our Winter Break, it was time for Things That Float. We built four entries for the Annual Great Cardboard Boat Regatta!

Notes from Building

Photos from the Race

Our topic for the end of the year is Things That Fly. I've been collecting ideas all year long of possible activities. Here is what I came up with:

But I thought it would be interesting to see what the children had in mind!

On Thursday we kicked off the topic by talking about hot air balloons and trying to make an air fort out of an old duvet cover. This did not work, but that's okay. That's Science for you! Then I sent them off to brainstorm and write up their wishlist for Things That Fly. Here is what they came up with:

    paper airplane

    fan-powered paper plane

    mechanical plane

    all cardboard airplane

    cardboard airplane (rubber band powered)

    cardboard jet


    hand helicopter

    pull helicopter

    rubber band powered rocket / helicopter

    flying bird (sticks, paper & cardboard, fabric, something floppy)

    foam airplane that looks like a bird



    parachute with fabric and string

    make a parachute with an animal

    hot air balloons for Lego people

    balloon with helium

    make kites

    make a cloud

    yard rocket



Now I have to sort through all these ideas and decide what we will do for Science Club with our last 5 sessions (May 2, 9, 16, 23, 30). Should be fun!

May 2 - Origami Boomerang
supplies needed: half sheet of printer paper, bone folder (optional)

May 9 - No-Parachute Egg Drop Challenge
note: it is nice to drop a completely unprotected egg first so that they have something to compare their results to

eggs that survived went into the "Egg Carton of Honor"

eggs that didn't were placed under the dogwood tree in the "Braveyard"

May 16 - Puff Rocket

May 23 - Catapult
each team was given the following supplies:

    1 paper bowl
    2 plastic spoons
    2 rubber bands
    4 straws
    4 craft sticks
    16 inch long piece of masking tape
    pompoms (the ammunition)

Note to self:
Up, Up and Not OK: Letting Go of Balloons Could Soon Be Illegal in Florida
The New York Times - May 8, 2024

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