Saturday, October 15, 2011

A Year of Waldorf Watercolor Stories

This is the first year I have religiously had wet-on-wet watercolor painting each week (it's not required that you do this -- one of the presenters at the homeschool workshop I went to over the summer said that she likes to use REALLY expensive paper so they just do one watercolor painting each mlb and then they usually contact paper it onto the front of the main lesson book to be the cover). For the first time ever, I am running a little low on ideas! I have lots of watercolor painting resources but I found Kristie Burns' e-book online and I think it's a nice resource for a homeschooling family. It is called A Year of Waldorf Watercolor Stories and she gives 56 stories and/or poems that are seasonal or related to the holidays of the year, and she gives painting indications that accompany each selection. The e-book is downloadable as a pdf form within 60 seconds of purchase. She does accept PayPal. The link is here:

This week we are doing her poem called "The Dragon's Flame." I don't celebrate Michaelmas with my students, so a lot of the Waldorf dragon stuff we don't do, but we are going to learn a dragon string game this week so I think it will go well with that.

NOTE: Update 04/09/2016

Kristie has changed her format quite a bit, and now promotes her work through YouTube videos.

She states, "This wonderful video takes you through all the basic steps you need to do wet-on-wet watercolor painting. Waldorf teacher, Diane Power shows you how to wet the paper, how to hold the brush, how to mix the paint and how to use many different painting and instructional techniques as she takes you through two of the painting stories in the popular book, "Waldorf Watercolor Stories for the Year". When you purchase her video at you receive the book, "Waldorf Watercolor Stories for the Year" for free (book available in Spanish and English)!"

The video and two PDF documents are now $25.00.

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