Sunday, November 16, 2008

Apple Cider Vinegar

Does anyone know a lot about vinegar? I gave the Kindergarten teacher directions for dyeing wool in the crockpot. They used fresh chopped beets in one and fresh blueberries in the other. She was out of white vinegar for the mordant so she threw in some apple cider vinegar. The colors came out much different from how they had over the summer for me, using the same dyestuffs. Did the vinegar make a difference or was it just coincidence?

Today I ordered 25 felting needles (#38) from Mielke's Fiber Arts. I am giving a dry felting workshop to the teachers -- lots of people have been asking me how to do it and they'd like to make puppets for their classroom. I am excited about this! When I plan the materials and project list I'll post it.

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