Thursday, November 6, 2008


I just came up with a delicious smoothie combination which I want to share. Every time I crave chocolate chip cookies I am making myself a smoothie instead. Works!

Yogurt, frozen peaches, frozen mango, frozen blueberries, apple juice, ginger.

This morning I had ZERO people for storytime which is fine -- we can just do it next week. With all my children being home sick this week and last week, I wasn't able to pound the pavement and promote the program and my usual crew of Tidewater families had gone to the field trip this morning. I was able to make the tail end of the field trip and spend some time with my kids. Natalie, who is just getting over pneumonia, melted down towards the end and so we left early, came home, ate lunch, sorted and put away the clean laundry, and now it is time to rest.

This afternoon we have to get our farm share, take Leah to ballet and the other two to the park if they feel up to it.

Tomorrow evening was supposed to be the first Date Night but that date didn't "take" -- we had everyone sign up for the 14th instead so I get the night off. Saturday is mom and me toddler time, which I need to get organized for, and the rest of the weekend I can just relax! With the exception, of course, of Sunday School but that's pretty well planned.

I was thinking of doing some needle felting this weekend. I am jonesing to create.

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