Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Felting Needle Mishap

So I have been spending my time needle felting a variety of fruits and vegetables to fill our woven cornucopia. It will make a lovely centerpiece at Thanksgiving and then the children can have them for the play kitchen. This is my stress relief and project for the several days we will be stuck in the house recuperating. However, a little Munchkin named Rebecca got into my stuff and snapped the end off my last needle -- disaster! We spent the entire morning driving around, first to the post office to see if my order from Mielke's Fiber Arts had arrived (it hadn't), then to the quilting store (gorgeous fabrics), the cross stitch store, and lastly to the fiber arts store. I hadn't known the fiber arts store had moved to a new location and was so thrilled to find it! Yarns galore, wooden knitting needles, looms, spinning wheels, a whole ROOM of roving and even felting needles. A wet room for wet felting and for dyeing wool... it was heaven. However, the kicker was that she hadn't yet unpacked her room of roving and she couldn't find the felting needles in all that mess. She had them and yet she didn't. So it didn't work out. But I am consoling myself with the thought that I found some great local craft stores and can support them instead of Michael's.

After lunch we will go back out to the P.O. and see if the needles came in this morning's delivery. Keep your fingers crossed.

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