Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Boulder CO

So, I have decided to attend Suzanne Down's storytelling and puppetry workshop in Boulder CO from July 8 - 14. She says it will be held at the Waldorf school, which I assume means Shining Mountain, where Rahima used to have her conferences. The last time I went to one of those conferences, we flew into Colorado Springs and then rented a car to go to Boulder and we stayed in the Boulder youth hostel which was friendly, clean, and inexpensive. I am looking forward to traveling again! I am also very excited about the topic. Here is the information from the flyer:

Elements of Therapeutic ECE
The Sense of Touch and Warmth
Puppetry as Bridge for these Foundations for Life

5 day Southwest Regional
Professional Development Course

Boulder CO: July 8-12

Theme: Touched and Warmed into Being:
Delving into understanding the foundations for ensuring a healthy sense of touch and sense of warmth, the human blueprint, thick and thin skin conditions, the 4 hearts, sense of welcome, love, safety and protection, touch and warmth and brain development, the interval of relationships in story, and more…..

How can we support the children’s developing self through story and healing puppetry focusing on the wise powers behind touch and warmth.

Creating and learning the Presentation Art and Craft of the Mother Archetype and the Protection Story with the Therapeutic Rod Puppet….and other puppet crafting.

Suzanne Down, founder and director of Juniper Tree School of Story and Puppetry Arts has been the master trainer of puppet theater in North America for 30 years. She is the pioneer in anthroposophical therapeutic puppetry, and travels internationally sharing this love of story.

5-day Course cost: $450 includes all puppet making materials
Contact: Suzanne Down suzanne@junipertreepuppets.com for info and registration

Juniper Tree School of Story and Puppetry Art

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