Friday, June 12, 2009

Housecleaning 9 to 5

So here's one idea that I'm trying today. My main job today is to get my house tidy before the girls come back tomorrow. I was thinking, what if I just assigned each room to an hour of the day and once that room was tidy, I could take a break and do something else until it was the next hour? I have seven rooms in my house. Add in the yard (weeding the gardens) and you have 8 tasks/hours of work, just like a nine to five job. So I am going to try this today and I'll let you all know how it works. I'm going to weed the garden bed first since it looks like it will be hot today. Then tomorrow the girls can come home to a lovely house and we get right to enjoying ourselves. Next Friday when it's Cleaning Day, we can all follow this schedule and then go out for ice cream at 5 pm when "work" is done.

9 am - Garden
10 am - Kitchen
11 am - Living Room
noon - Bathroom
1 pm - Office
2 pm - Becca's Bedroom
3 pm - Natalie/Leah's Bedroom
4 pm - My Bedroom

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