Monday, January 25, 2010

Greek Mythology and the Forms of Energy

I just found this really cool unit online through NEED; it would be perfect for a Waldorf 6th grade class. The concept is that Greek myths are used to introduce science experiments about various forms of energy (Prometheus - fire, Zeus - electricity, Echo - sound, Hermes - motion, etc.). The Greeks used their mythology to create explanations for the world around them. We now use Science to do the same. A very interesting idea!

The entire unit is available online in a FREE pdf including the structure of the unit and background information about Greek mythology but you are on your own to plan the actual Science experiments, based on what your resources are. I am interested in trying an adapted version of this in my own classroom since we are going to a Baltimore Symphony Orchestra program on the Science of Sound in February. If I do try the unit, I will post what science experiments we did.

I am writing my Poetry unit (we are the season of Spring right now) and will add it to the website in February when we complete it.

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