Saturday, January 30, 2010

Maple Baked Beans

We are stuck at the house because of a huge snowstorm here in Southern Maryland, so I am looking around my pantry for recipes I can make with just what's on hand.

Here was a hugely successful recipe I tried today for Maple Baked Beans. Absolutely delicious!!! I didn't have bacon or an onion so I added some chopped dried dates (I had 8 or 10 on hand) to the beans to help deepen the flavor profile. I also added a smidgeon of brown sugar to decrease the tanginess a bit. I admit I was suspicious of the amount of apple cider vinegar called for but the flavor is divine.

Leah and I have been working on her Australia report. Natalie and I made cookies (your classic Oatmeal Raspberry Bars but with strawberry jam). Becca is sick so she's napping. The two older girls, of course, went out to play in the snow this morning and had the necessary Hot Chocolate afterwards. :-)

What a quiet peaceful day.

Tomorrow, however, when the cupboard is a bit more bare, things may get exciting. We live within walking distance of a grocery store so we can always hike if need be.

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