Thursday, February 11, 2010

Knitting Abbreviations and Videos

Oh, yes, I am back at the computer looking for help. Having successfully knitted the sock (the part that goes around your ankle and calf) and the top of the instep all the way to the toe and placed those stitches on a "stitch holder" (more about that later), I am now shaping the heel. And here I run into trouble with a sl 1 k. On to the computer and here's a definition and video; this site is too good not to share. Here it is:'s Knitting Glossary with VIDEOS! Hallelujah!

I remember well teaching myself how to knit from a sheet of written directions. It was several years ago at Christmas time and I was determined to learn how to knit and make my daughter a scarf. Yes, because in order to homeschool with Waldorf you have to know how to knit so you can teach your children. And I wanted to do it and do it right and so I had to learn to knit. No excuses. I'm less dogmatic now, thank heavens, but I still remember that strong feeling of GUILT that I wasn't a good enough Waldorf parent!!!! How I struggled, ripped out work, cried... How I cursed the needles and the yarn, until it suddenly all made sense. Nice that there are other ways to learn, huh?

Two other comments before I retreat back into the comfortable seclusion of my bedroom, my girls having gone with their father for the President's Day long weekend.

One -- the term "stocking stitch" suddenly makes a lot more sense!

Two -- if you are like me and don't want to spend the money for a stitch holder or can't be bothered to find a safety pin large enough, try this. Just use a piece of contrasting yarn or a bit of string, thread it onto a yarn needle, run the yarn needle and string along under the knitting needle and through the loops you want to set aside, remove the knitting needle, and tie the ends of the string together. Easy as pie and FREE!

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