Saturday, February 27, 2010

Storybook Art

I am newly obsessed with the book Storybook Art: Hands-On Art for Children in the Styles of 100 Great Picture Book Illustratorsby MaryAnn Kohl and, as you all know, I love to put together booklists and make spreadsheets when I'm planning to do a unit on something. So I got myself all organized for this book and thought I'd pass my notes along. There are 100 picture books with corresponding activity ideas in the style of the book's illustrator. There are four categories: 25 books for Paint, 25 books for Draw, 25 books for Cut/Collage, 25 books for Craft/Construct.

I made a spreadsheet listing all 100 books and their authors, plus columns for organizing do I already own it, can I get it from the library, or do I wish to buy it? Then I made a webpage showing the covers of all the books with the name of the art activity listed under it. Check it out!


Bright Ring, art book author MaryAnn Kohl said...

How happy I was to find that you are obsessed with a book that I wrote... Storybook Art! Thank you for your wonderful recommendation. I work with kids all the time as a visiting author, and I can tell you they love it too. It makes them tune in more deeply to their favorite books asking to have them read over and over again as they look at the details of illustrations in a new way. But I think you already knew that!!

Your readers can visit my website for free sample pages from the book. Go to:
and then to "Free Art Activities",
then Storybook Art.

Thank you again!
MaryAnn Kohl
art author

Renee said...

With MaryAnn's help, I revised my original spreadsheet to include additional columns. You can download it here: art 2.xls