Monday, December 20, 2010

Dog Treats

Today we made the cat toys with finger knitted strings; we even found organic catnip at the pet store near us.

Tomorrow it's time to bake dog treats so I'm online looking up recipes and making a grocery list:

Garlic Cheese Dog Biscuits
These are a standby with us. We've made them over and over. We would only need to buy shredded cheddar and some cloves of garlic.

Olive Oil and Bacon Truffles
We've made these before too. They are fun for kids to shape with their hands. I think we'll go ahead and make both recipes! We would need to buy bacon, beef broth, and olive oil for this.

Pet Cookies
Hmmm... something new. I've already got plenty of wheat germ on hand. For this we would need to buy the strained chicken in baby food jars.

Power Pooch Smoothies
If you're looking for a Christmas doggie treat for your own pooch, not to give as a gift, try these frozen smoothies.

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