Thursday, December 23, 2010

Two Needle Mitten Pattern

Today I learned a valuable lesson. My 1st and 2nd grade daughters really want to be independent in as many ways as possible (they each proudly made their dog treat recipe almost without help) and today we encountered the gift wrapping portion of the holiday prep season. They've watched me wrap things many times -- I wrapped all the sachets while they punched and wrote their gift taps -- so they expected to be able to easily, but it was much too hard for them. Judging what size the wrapping paper piece needed to be, laying the tape across the divide between the paper instead of just on one side, pulling off and tearing the right amount of tape without it getting tangled, folding and holding the wrapping paper in place with one hand while trying to put the tape on.... It was a disaster. I've never been one for gift bags and tissue paper but we had some left over from gifts that were given to us, so I got them out. Two pieces of tissue paper (one to go around the gift, one to go on top), a gift bag, and a sticker tag. Done! Much better feeling of success and competency. Smiles all 'round.

Yesterday my boyfriend treated the girls to tickets to the Ballet (Septime Weber's Nutcracker), front row orchestra seats at the Warner Theater in D.C. So it was a very special day. I can't believe Christmas is almost here! Today we are doing the final gift making and wrapping and tomorrow is Christmas Eve.

I just finished a pair of mittens for Leah yesterday and now have to make some for Natalie and Becca. I found a pattern that's not too difficult and can be worked on two needles. I used a 4 and 6. The mittens are warm (and cute with stripes) and the pattern fits true to size. Here it is: Bev's 2-Needle Knit Mittens for Kids. Thanks, Bev, for sharing this free pattern!

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Renee said...

I love her suggestion for knitting two mittens at a time. Genius!