Sunday, August 2, 2015

Resource List: Fables

In my first MLB with Leah, we get to do 10 stories (we are on a 2 day cycle).

I'm first going to gather all my resources for a Fables block; then I will choose the 10 stories and the extension activities.

I also have The Fox that Wanted Nine Golden Tails by Mary Knight, illustrated by Brigitte Bryan (1969), a book of Aesop's Fablespublished by Watermill Press, the Animal Legends 2nd grade Language Arts block book from Donna Simmons, as well as 2nd grade Live Education! books Teaching Fables, A Collection of Fables, and Drawing Simple Animal Forms.

Because this is a Cultural block, I would like her to have an orange MLB. Now I need to find the most economical supplier of Mercurius main lesson books. Any recommendations?

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