Friday, August 14, 2015

Famous Speeches

Kate Gould's helpful essay, "A Journey through the Grades Waldorf Style," includes a mention of studying Famous Speeches in Grade 8.

Anyone have any idea what speeches they might include in a block like this? Or how many?
Obviously, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. "I Have a Dream" August 28, 1963

AHA! In searching for a speech by Winston Churchill, I've run across an article by Time magazine, From the Podium: Top Ten Greatest Speeches

It's actually a decent list, although mostly centered on our own country, and the full text of each one is included:
Socrates "Apology," 4th century BC
Patrick Henry "Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death," 1775
Frederick Douglass "The Hypocrisy of American Slavery," 1852
Abraham Lincoln "Gettysburg Address," 1863
Susan B. Anthony "Women's Rights to the Suffrage," 1873
Winston Churchill "Blood, Toil, Tears and Sweat," 1940
John F. Kennedy "Inaugural Address," 1961
Martin Luther King, Jr. "I Have a Dream," 1963
Lyndon B. Johnson "The American Promise," 1965
Ronald Reagan "Remarks at the Brandenburg Gate," 1987

And my mind is wondering if lectures, such as compelling TED talks, could find their way in there, since the study is of rhetoric. Is this an opportunity to compare and contrast? Or is it off topic?

Some favorites:

Wandering again... if I want Natalie to study the Industrial Revolution to the present time as her final Cultural block this year, maybe we can combine these things and she can study the Time magazine list of speeches as a way of accessing the issues of this time period.

Just throwing that out there. Part of me wants to dive into 100% lesson planning, above and beyond what I've prepared for our first block of the year, and part of me wants to just live in the last lingering moments of summer. Last Saturday my husband grilled chicken and hamburgers and I set out a nice nice lunch, with burger toppings and buns, and Quick-Marinated Yellow Squash Salad using fresh thyme and a Caprese Salad using fresh basil (both from our garden -- I never seem to get tired of saying that!), and watermelon slices and Bugles. The table was lovely, colorful and enticing and fresh.

I've told the children that they can have a lot of input in their art and handwork projects for the year and so all three of them are sitting in a row on the sofa, noses in their books:




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