Sunday, May 19, 2019

Nebula Artwork Photos

Looking for Summer Stargazing resources? Out of all of the (many) stargazing books for kids I've read, I like Astronomy for Kids: How to Explore Outer Space with Binoculars, a Telescope, or Just Your Eyes! by Bruce Betts.

This book is wonderful! There are a couple of helpful online resources which I like as well

There's a planetarium at the Saint Louis Science Center. The museum itself has free admission but there is a cost for the planetarium shows.

I also know that the Murphysboro Public Library recently got a telescope which families can check out. And, on Friday, July 12, there will also be a Southern Illinois Summer Star Party @ the SIU Farms, hosted by the SIU Carbondale Physics Department and the Astronomical Association of Southern Illinois in partnership with the Adler Planetarium of Chicago.

So, here are the photos of our collaborative multi-media Nebula art piece!

painting a swirl on the paper with plain water

dropping a bit of ink on the water path and watching it flow

watercolor paints

chalk pastels

the group creativity begins to flow

the nebula photos that inspire us

they love working with the Daler-Rowney acrylic ink

loading the paintbrush with multiple colors and painting stripes

each child adds unique details to the piece of art
(our group spanned ages 3 - 14)

blowing the ink so the colors move and spread

the finished piece rests so that it can dry completely

final step:
embellishments with drops and swirls of sparkly Ranger glitter glue
it is absolutely beautiful!

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