Saturday, May 4, 2019

Zoology II, Week 1: Birds, Rodents

In this second Zoology block we are grouping animals by Function instead of by Form. You may recall that the Form groupings were Head, Trunk, Limbs.

The Function groupings are Nervous System, Cardiovascular System, and Digestive System.

Thursday, May 2

    I began by reviewing how we had organized our previous block and then asking the students, can you think of an animal that seems to be all nervous system?

    They quickly realized that these animals are the Birds and the Rodents, especially after watching me demonstrate moving like an animal which would be all nervous system. (It's really fun to act out!)

    Rodents quiver and scurry and twitch their whiskers and look around often; birds also have tiny quick jerky movements and respond swiftly in response to every detail of their enviornment.

    For our introductory activity for Birds -- and to practice this constant noticing and responding to their environments -- I had students work in pairs to read, practice, and perform the poems for two voices from I am Phoenix: Poems for Two Voices by Paul Fleishman. They liked "The Actor," "The Common Egret," "The Phoenix," and "Owls."

Friday, May 3

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