Sunday, January 20, 2019

Photos from the Classroom

Here are some photos from our art projects in Zoology I, Week 2.

But main lesson blocks aren't all we do!

In addition to our main lesson time, my older students have individual and small group work time. They get to choose how they spend the time which is not taken up with Specials or Main Lessons, and they are required to keep a record of their work and share their record with the class every day. This morning Choice Time is an opportunity for projects of personal interest, as well as daily review of previously-covered math and language arts lessons.

using the Grammar Symbols and Stencil
to symbolize sentences from literature

exploring the Grammar work which comes with our

making sentences using words color-coded to the parts of speech

curious younger friends come to watch

Decurian Division with the Stamp Game Material

long multiplication with the Bank Game Material

long multiplication with the Checker Board,

starting a new knitting pattern:  the lion!

playing our new Kayanak game

knitting a lamb pattern

weaving layers of grass in our meadow scene

three part cards for Land Forms and Water Features

Zac wants to weave on the loom like the big kids

fort building continues under the magnolia tree

the Montessori Cylinder Blocks #2, 3, 4



looking closely at the clam shell to help us make our clay models

starting with a delta shape

our snail main lesson book pages turned out beautifully

now that we have modeled the clam shell,
drawing it will be easy

the Jellyfish Art Project begins!

layering colors

they love watching it drip

sprinkling salt on wet watercolor paint

the debate:
how tall should we build it?
it is time to knock it down yet?

Centurian Division!

three levels of word problems accompany the

the Short Bead Chains show the square of each number
1 to 10
and allow students to practice skip counting and multiples

an interested friend comes to help

the life cycle of the jellyfish is so fascinating!

adding the life cycle to the MLB on the back of her jellyfish artwork

the two page spread with the artwork closed

the finished jellyfish art is absolutely beautiful

learning how to draw an animal by drawing its habitat

we look back at Leah's earthworm page

and fish pages

practicing drawing negative space

after practicing, students draw these habitats in their MLBs

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