Friday, January 11, 2019

Photos from Zoology I, Week 1

I love all the animal artwork which is part of the Zoology block. So fun!

And everyone's work is always so different; even though we are all studying and writing about the same topics in the main lesson books, every single book is unique. You can really see each individual personality shine through!

stretched watercolor paper
ready for our watercolor pencil drawings

my example
self-portrait as a celestial being

adding water turns the pencil into paint
spreading color away from where she doesn't want it

she feels like her picture shows "angel wings" where she fixed her art
"I love my mistake!"

writing in the MLB in Script
The Head, Trunk, and Limbs

adding The Cuttlefish to the MLB

after a rough draft and an edit, 
the final version goes in the Main Lesson Book

every two page spread summary & artwork is different!
pencil, colored pencil, watercolor pencil, paper collage

looking at fossils

from Montessori Services

I had one of these shells for us to look at

mono printing
6 x 6 inch Gelli plate, 8 x 8 inch watercolor paper,
acrylic paint, brayer, cotton swabs

spreading the acrylic paint evenly using a brayer

making the snail spiral design with a cotton swab

smoothing the paper evenly on top

lifting up the paper to see the finished print

seeing the finished print is the most exciting part

friends gather around, eager for the big reveal

our first four snail shell spirals

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