Friday, January 18, 2019

Zoology I, Week 2: Clam, Jellyfish, Earthworm, Fish

Here are some notes from our second week of Zoology I. This is our January main lesson block.

Monday, January 14

  • review the snail, finish remaining snail spiral mono prints
  • read remainder of chapter 4 of Kovacs, "The Snail," pages 41-43 and look at relevant artifacts (moon snail shell, rasp)
  • look at display of shells, compare monovalves and bivalves
  • read Mollusk information on page 40 of Dennis Klocek's Drawing from the Book of Nature; discuss terms Gastropod (stomach foot), Cephalopod (head foot), and Acephalas (no heads)
  • read "Gastropod - snail" information on pages 40-42 of Klocek
  • add The Snail to MLB
  • read "Acephalas - clam" information on pages 44-45 of Klocek
  • do clam modeling activity with clay from page 45 of Klocek

I DIDN'T show this in class but there's an absolutely amazing Leopard Slug video, filmed as part of David Attenborough's Life in the Undergrowth DVD. We love David Attenborough and I highly recommend all of his documentary work! Watch it and see if it's something you'd like to share with your child. It's incredible and surprisingly beautiful. Klocek includes a drawing of slugs mating in his book, which reminded me of this, but we didn't read anything.

Tuesday, January 15

Thursday, January 17

  • finish up mollusk miscellany: look at cephalopod and ammonite fossils which a student brought in, watch video footage of a clam burrowing
  • review student prior knowledge of jellyfish
  • finish step 2 of jellyfish artwork
  • discuss where jellyfish fall in the Timeline of Life and how much they are due our respect (scientists argue over whether the sponge or the comb jelly was THE FIRST ANIMAL ever... they are positively ancient and have survived millenia through perfect evolutionary design)
  • read "Coelenterates - jellyfish and sea anemone" information on pages 38-40 of Klocek, look at Magnificent Anemone fact file card from our Coral Reef Habitat Mat
  • draw jellyfish life cycle on the board and discuss
  • give students time to think about their additional jellyfish questions

Friday, January 18

We had lots of extra time today since both SWI and Yoga were cancelled, so we were able to be very productive!



  • add The Jellyfish to MLB
  • introduce our first two trunk animals: earthworm and fish
  • discuss how the shapes of both of these animals can be drawn by drawing their habitats: earth and water
  • show Leah's MLB illustrations for the earthworm and fish, look at fish from the Live Ed drawing lesson (from Animals Among the Elements)
  • read "Earthworm" information on pages 36-37 of Klocek
  • read "Fishes" poem for two voices from Georgia Heard's Creatures of Earth, Sea, and Sky, pages 10-11
  • practice drawing earthworms and fish by leaving negative space in their environments following the drawing lesson in Klocek on page 37
  • talk about earthworm facts, choose fish fact file cards from the Coral Reef Habitat Mat for each child to use for research:

      Bluestriped Fangblenny
      Bluestreak Cleaner Wrasse
      Yellowstripe Fairy Basslet
      Steephead Parrotfish
      One Spot Foxface Rabbitfish
      Emperor Angelfish
      Ocellaris Clownfish
      Blue Tang
      Bluestripe Snapper
      Pajama Cardinalfish
      Blue Ribbon Eeel
      Blacktip Reef Shark

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