Friday, January 11, 2019

Zoology I, Week 1: Cuttlefish, Nautilus, Snail

Here are some notes from our introduction to Zoology I. This block is also sometimes called "The Human Being and the Animal World."

For homeschool families, this block is a particularly fun one to plan and to teach! I have a detailed page about this main lesson block on my website; you can look at plenty of examples of Waldorf watercolor paintings, chalkboard drawings, and main lesson book pages at my Pinterest page; and you can also find a complete teachers training manual for this block online as a free PDF from The East African Walodrf Teacher Development Program.

Monday, January 7

Tuesday, January 8

  • review three-fold human being, read from chapter 1 of Charles Kovacs' book The Human Being and the Animal World, "The Head, Trunk, and Limbs," pages 18-21
  • add The Head, Trunk, and Limbs to MLB
  • read chapter 2 of Kovacs, "The Cuttlefish," pages 23-27

Thursday, January 10

Friday, January 11

  • finish up nautilus and cuttlefish miscellany: look at how the Nautilus Hand Puppet can retreat into its shell, examine piece of cuttlebone, look at ammononite fossil, look through my Geologic Periods Book Set to find the evolution of the earliest nautiloids (Ordovician Period)
  • read Houses from the Sea by Alice Goudey, look at a shell
  • read first part of chapter 4 of Kovacs, "The Snail," pages 39-41
  • practice drawing spirals freehand
  • use 6 x 6 inch square Gelli printing plate to make snail spiral monoprints

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