Saturday, February 2, 2019

Zoology 1, Week 4: Snake, Seal, Human Hand

Here are some notes from our final week of Zoology I. We will finish up this Science topic in May.

Monday, January 28

  • lay out the Tree of Life Mat and display the Tree of Life Leaves for the animals we have studied so far
  • look at figure 5.3 on page 34 of Klocek: egg/seed, larva/leaf, pupa/bud, butterfly/flower
  • read "The Honeybee," pages 53-59 of Klocek

Tuesday, January 29

Thursday, January 31

Friday, February 1

  • review the seal; read "Miss Farr's Pet Seal," pages 34-37 of Kovacs, based on the true story Seal Morning by Rowena Farre; tell students that I have purchased her book for the classroom
  • read "The Seal" by William Jay Smith, page 111 of The Hutchinson Treasury of Children's Poetry
  • review negative space drawings (earthworm, fish, ant), show Leah's MLB illustration for the seal inspired by the Live Ed drawing lesson (from Animals Among the Elements)
  • do watercolor painting of the seal
  • add The Seal to MLB
  • read final chapter of Part I of Kovacs book, "The Limbs," pages 75-78
  • unpack newly arrived Silkworm Discovery Kit and place petri dish of silkworm eggs in a warm spot, discuss the human hand in relation to our upcoming Fibers & Clothing block (a perfect transition!)

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