Monday, February 11, 2019

Photos Part 2

Here are some photos from the classroom for the beginning of February.

friends sitting side by side knitting their adorable lambs

we finish Zoology with a watercolor painting of the Seal

painting the seal by painting the watery environment around it

our silkworm eggs arrive!

ready to sew up their lambs

this is the classic first knitting pattern in a Waldorf classroom

assembling the awesome & mighty Space Pod

the masterpiece is complete

this quickly becomes a favorite hangout spot in the classroom

the Montessori Short Bead Chain material

used with its set of color-coded Printed Arrows for skip counting

foldable to be the square of the number
(the Long Bead Chain material folds to be the cube)

breaking up our wax blocks for easier melting

time to dip candles in celebration of Candlemas!

"Dip it down, pull it up"

then the children walk through the kitchen, LR, and DR
to stand in line again, giving their candles time to harden

Zac spontaneously starts to sing our song from the Advent Spiral,
"Round and Round"

the children are so proud of their hard work!

the candles get bigger with every successive dip

the older children want to keep going!

Becca is proud of the fattest candles she's ever made
but she says her feet hurt from walking in circles for so long!

playtime in the Space Pod

our introduction to Fibers & Clothing:
science experiments with wool

the wool fabric is full of air and keeps rising up
even when we push on it with a pencil

but the cotton fabric quickly sinks to the bottom

spinning wool fibers into yard by hand

melting golden beeswax for our floating walnut shell candles

ALWAYS melt beeswax over indirect heat...
a can inside a pan of hot water is perfect

placing the shells in a dish of rice helps them to stay steady
when I pour the hot wax in

filling the Bundt pan with greenery and water and freezing it

lighting our little floating candles at Snack time

washing raw wool to try to get the lanolin out!

this is harder than it sounds

we use baby shampoo

the next day we practice carding clean wool

an older child gives a lesson to a younger

and we try the drop spindle using the instructions in our kit

setting up the Nature table for the first week of February

my needle-felted table puppets for Little Brown Bulb
and the hope of Spring

and our candle and snowflake silk 
to remind us that Winter is still holding on

the up-close details in the frozen Ice Candle ring are beautiful

a wonderful centerpiece for Snack time

in Science Club, we make drawing/paintings of our first few planets
using water-soluble oil pastels

Neptune is a beautiful deep blue

we learn that Uranus is a paler blue than Neptune
and much calmer, without the fierce 1500 mph winds

it also has an odd rotation with rings that are vertical instead of horizontal

and many moons (27+)

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