Friday, February 22, 2019

Fibers & Clothing Week 3

This block has been so much fun! Here are some notes from Week 3.

Week 1: Wool Experiments, Washing Molly's Raw Wool, Carding & Spinning, Wet Felting

Week 2: Natural Dyes, Mohair & Cashmere, Yarn Store Field Trip, Silk, Crochet Special Guest

Week 3: Weaving, Angora, Camel, Spinning Special Guest, Flax & Hemp, Hemp & Indigo Field Trip

Monday, February 18

Tuesday, February 19

Thursday, February 21

Friday, February 22


  • field trip to SIU to learn about hemp planting & research questions from Dr. Karla Gage and dyeing with indigo from Dr. Sedonia Sipes, use shibori dyeing techniques (Arashi Shibori, Kanoko Shibori, Itajime Shibori) to indigo dye a piece of cotton fabric for each child to keep


  • start germinating our hemp and flax seeds in the classroom
  • look at and feel examples of linen: linen rug warp, shirt, dishtowel, vintage handkerchief, vintage bedsheet, cotton/linen blend washcloth
  • draft and get edits for MLB two-page spreads as needed, add final versions and illustrations to MLB

    Note: Not all children will have the same contents in their main lesson books. There have been a lot of absences for travel and sickness and holidays during this month. In addition, children get to use their individual discretion regarding how much content they want to add in from our field trips and special guests. Here is a list of possible two-page spreads they could have in their books so far:

      Wool Experiments

      Washing Raw Wool

      Carding & Spinning

      Wet Felting

      Natural Dyes



      Exotic Fibers (Angora & Camel)

      Flax & Hemp


    Please remember that you can schedule a student-led parent conference at any time to see the Main Lesson Books which your child has completed. Students can also use this opportunity to give you lessons on the Montessori Math & Language Arts materials with which they are working during their individual morning Choice Time.

  • read "Cotton," chapter XVII of The Story Book of Science, look at cotton bolls and seeds, review Dr. Gage's research questions for hemp and consider our own questions about growing cotton and flax

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