Saturday, August 10, 2019

More Pics from Handwork Teacher Training

Week 2! If you missed the post, here are the photos from the first week.

Form Drawing - grade 1

running forms
transformation of forms

Form Drawing - grade 2
mirrored running forms
transformation of forms

the transition from Form Drawing to penmanship

our madder dyed wool felt
ready to become a pencil case
grade 2 project

convex/concave forms in clay

buttons for the pencil case

our plant dyed silk embroidery floss
madder root / mint leaves / red onion skins / marigold blossoms

working with indigo

complementary colors & after images
red and green

our red and green paintings

complementary colors & after images
orange and blue

the chipmunk ears I made for Zac


finished pencil cases
we worked with vine stitch & seed stitch

a big dish of silkworms and mulberry leaves!
this woman recommended Aurora Silk to me
as a good source of healthy silkworms

finished indigo dyed linen eurythmy slipper bags

my finished knitted pouch with the wet felted button

our experience of orange and blue

learning new things in Knitting...

and in Crochet!

the final watercolor painting lesson
transforming bright jewel-like colors into muted tones

partner painting with two painting boards touching

it is HARD to let the pretty colors get covered up
with their opposites

but in the end we loved them

the top of the crocheted bag

the little wooden stools which Mario built
so that first graders don't have their feet dangling in air
when they're doing their handwork

We finished up the Chestnut Ridge NY part of our vacation by visiting the 240th Storming of Stony Point at Stony Point Battlefield State Historic Site.

I love living history! (We didn't stay for the battle part.) If I ever have enough spare time to have a hobby, I think I'd like to become a reenactor.

Zac got to churn butter and watch open fire cooking and eat apple pie. He wasn't that interested in the basket weaving but he loved the blacksmith (who gave him a just-finished nail for staying for such a long time).

Personally, I stayed for a long time at the tent with the flax. The interpreter there was wonderfully informative and Zac got to feel flax straw and work the flax break. We saw the three different hetchels and watched her spin. The interpreter told us that William Penn broke the law and smuggled flax seed over to the colonies (colonies were, in part, supposed to be a market for the mother country). She recommended for more information (and they sell an educational kit with samples from every step of the process). She also recommended The Big Book of Flax.

The Big Book of Flax: A Compendium of Facts, Art, Lore, Projects and Song

by Christian and Johannes Zinzendorf

The we went to look at provisions at the sutler's (a historical job which was new to me... like a traveling tavern who had a license to go along with the troops). We ate some really yummy food courtesy of The Georgian Kitchen and I finally bought a cone of sugar! I'm so pleased!

sugar cone and nippers

sausage and eggs over a fire

the flax break

those are some big bellows!

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