Thursday, August 29, 2019

Pics from Camp

We had a busy two weeks! It was impossible for me to capture everything, but here are a few highlights:

our practice archaeological dig experience

uncovering the pieces of a broken pot
hidden in the salt

drawing the items we find in their location
on the grid

trying to assemble the pieces


watercolor painting map of India

Zac's impressionistic painting of the World Egg
from the Creation Story of Ancient India

aluminum foil fish collage for
"The Fishermen's Catch"
from Ancient Mythologies by Charles Kovacs

watercolor painting of a field of wheat
as the Ancient Persians develop the plow

the Stockmar colors are so beautiful!
prussian blue, sap green, burnt sienna, golden yellow

feeling a sheep hide (stiff and untanned)

building a fire in the copper fire pit

we begin to test our designs

finally, we have a fire and can grill the meat

it smells delicious!

Talib comes by to help after the fire goes out

the tangle of flax plants
from our Fibers & Clothing block
(which we never expected to germinate)

using a torch to melt glass

spooning salt on our cucumber slices
in preparation for Ancient Egypt

visiting the General John A. Logan Museum

the Native Tallgrass Prairie planting is so lovely

Director Mike Jones takes us to the dig site

our real archaeological dig experience

he digs some dirt for us to screen

we use blocks to protect our hands from possible glass

he shows us how a line level is used in archaeology

we screen dirt from two different locations

when we get back home
the cucumbers are standing in pools of water

we can see how the salt has pulled the liquid out

oil pastel and watercolor resist
painting of Ancient Egypt, the Red Sea, and the Nile

Queen Nefertrouti is prepared for mummification

papermaking with cookie cutters

laying out the Timeline of Written Language

Ancient Mesopotamian Bread

painting the Fertile Crescent

building an Egyptian shaduf

dyeing wool yarn in our study of Ancient Phoenicia


the resulting wool

Becca's knucklebones report from 5th grade
we followed her directions to play the games

building an Archimedes Screw

it works!

wrapping Queen Nefertrouti
we filled her with salt inside and surrounded
her with salt outside, replacing the salt daily
(3 lb box of salt each day Mon - Fri)

No pictures of the Roman Feast which wrapped up camp on the last day but it was absolutely wonderful. Thank you to everyone who was a part, and a special thank you to our two field trip hosts, Chad and Mike, and to Talib and Flora for providing supplies and support throughout the two weeks of camp.

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