Sunday, August 11, 2019

Picnic & Play: Clover Blossoms and Zinnia Blooms

It was so sweet to start doing Picnic & Play again to help Zac transition back into the school year. This weekend it was quiet, just him and me. He was bouncing with happiness, enjoying getting the Circle Time mat back out and pleased about knowing all of the words and movements to favorite verses.

We did Circle Time and then followed it with different activities each day.

Circle Time

Saturday, August 10

  • sing "Busy Bee" song from The Singing Year by Candy Verney, page 39, CD track 34
  • take yoga mats outside and place them by a clover patch
  • do Yoga Pretzels Deck cards (Gorilla, Cat, Rock, Bumblee Breath, Dragon, Tree, Bunny Breath)
  • read "Mother Earth and the Clover Children" from Summer Tales for Early Childhood by Suzanne Down, page 56
  • look for four leaf clovers
  • outdoor play at the new mud kitchen

We didn't do this but, if you're so inclined, Leda Meredith has this interesting recipe for Clover Soda Bread as well as one for Clover Blossom Spoonbread!

Sunday, August 11

  • do Yoga Pretzels Deck cards (Rock, Dancer, Airplane, Snake Breath, Jazzy Jamming: Rainstorm, Special Place)
  • sing "Busy Bee" song from The Singing Year by Candy Verney, page 39, CD track 34
  • take a field trip to the Pick-Your-Own Zinnias at Rendleman Orchards
  • cut flowers
  • watch all the butterflies and bees!
  • taste a piece of honeycomb once we get back home

The zinnia field was astonishing. It was so much more beautiful than I had imagined. Pictures really can't do justice to the experience of standing there in a field, thigh-deep in color, masses of flowers in every direction, and the air simply humming with the pollinators enjoying themselves immensely.

Zac and Bear-Bear
ready to go pick some zinnias!

this must be even more amazing
when you're only 40 inches tall...

Zac keeps finding "the most beautiful
one in the whole world"

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