Friday, August 2, 2019

Pictures from Chestnut Ridge, New York

Photos from the first week of my Handwork Teacher Training.  Our focus in the first year is on grades 1 & 2.  If you missed the post, here are my notes.

If you ever think you might be interested in the Applied Arts Program, I highly recommend it! A new cohort starts every two years and they take up to 20 students each cohort.

Zac and I got to stay in a room in Orchard House, which is on the campus of Sunbridge Institute, and it was beautiful! The Fiber Craft Studio is located downstairs in that building. Green Meadow Waldorf School is on an adjoining campus. Zac and I are reading the Thornton Burgess books at bedime now and he's convinced that that is the Green Meadow where those stories take place. We even found the Lone Little Path and the Laughing Brook!

Now, to find the Smiling Pool where Jerry Muskrat and Little Joe Otter play and Grandfather Frog goes chug-a-rum...

the Fiber Craft Studio is gorgeous

a drop spindle from a stone

open shelving ready to display our projects

everything is so tidy and beautifully organized

Nicole's sewing basket

everything is beautiful, even the pincushions

we will be plant dyeing throughout 

our wool roving dyeing in sun jars

the resulting colors are stunning
dyer's cosmos / yellow onion skin / madder root

the outdoor dyeing area

the plant dyed wool colors for our wool pictures

the room next door contains the shop

I can't stop taking pictures of the fiber!!!!
it is so pretty here

everything is neatly labeled with its dyestuff

even the bathrooms are beautiful
I love the felted pieces under the vases

Judit Gilbert's amazing Jack and the Beanstalk

she did a wool picture background first
then needle felted it for firmness and detail

then wet felted the vines, leaves, flowers and beans

and then made Jack with an armature

I love his sweet face!

overview of child development in anthroposophy

the shelves displaying our wool pictures

cotton bolls

the painting studio in the Red Barn

working first with the primary colors
I didn't take a picture of the yellow painting

Brigitte's finished painting (not mine)

we lay them out to look at them as a group

it was so fun to go back and add the path
through the mountains

viridian green

drawing with block beeswax crayons

clay modeling
from a sphere to an egg

our roving birds made with the roving we dyed

our basket of knitted kittens

having an authentic experience of not being able
to read as a first grader

Nicole personally plant dyed all of the yarn for our
first & second grade knitting projects

trying to figure out the best arrangement for my rainbow ball

heading down the Lone Little Path
to our private little spot for snack

walking in the Laughing Brook

Orchard House has this amazing tower

all dressed in puddle gear with bare feet :-)

as Nicole would say,
"I can't stand the cuteness!!!!"

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