Monday, August 24, 2020

A Look at Lymph

NONE of the human body books I have for children mention the lymphatic system at all... but in the reading I did for Science Club, it kept coming up. In fact, it's an extremely important system. (Last time I taught the Human Body, I had a special guest come in to teach the Lymphatic System for me.) So I was determined to master it and teach it this year.

The Lymphatic System is mentioned in the story of The Great River and represented in the ETC Montessori Human Physiology set, which means that I have three part cards for it upstairs in my Science Room. Thank goodness for nomenclature! That doesn't give me a narrative, though. In searching online for resources to help me create an accurate story of my own for this system, I found bunches of links, all of which had about one useful sentence. So I decided to create a blog post organizing all of them.

Happily, in taking the time to do this, I found something that worked well. The video lessons from Khan Academy were what finally saved me, because I felt like they actually explained it to me!

By the way, the story of the Great River calls this system The Department of Water Control.

Lymphatic System Links

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