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"Bone Poems" by Jeff Moss

I love this book from the American Museum of Natural History! In fact, since I have an autographed copy and I'm quite sure I've never met Jeff Moss, I suspect I bought it at the museum gift shop in DC. I'm in the middle of teaching about dinosaurs -- and trying to present the Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous Periods separately instead of jumbling them all up -- and it occurred to me that I've never noted which poems go with which periods. So, here goes!

I often use Bone Poems with the study of the human body as well, especially "A Poem to Help You Figure Out What Bone the Patella Is" and "206." They are humorous, as you would expect from the co-creator of Sesame Street.

"About This Book" - page 13

"Bones" - page 20

"Gotta Find a Footprint" - page 36

"What the Paleontologist Said When She Uncovered the Biggest Dinosaur Bone She Had Ever Seen" - page 65

"Where to Find Millions of Bones" - page 78

"Lucy in the Museum" - page 72

"Eggs" - page 75

"The Jellyfish and The Clam" - page 28
Cambrian Period

"Octracoderms" - page 50
Silurian Period

"Crocodiles, Turtles, Beetles, and Frogs" - page 47
Cretaceous / Triassic / Carboniferous / Permian
beetles are Carboniferous so they're the oldest

"Dimetrodon's Sail" - page 48
Permian Period

"Eating Problem #1 (Apatosaurus)" - page 14
Jurassic Period

"Bye-Bye, Brontosaurus" - page 32
Jurassic Period

"Eating Problem #2 (Brachiosaurus)" - page 34
Jurassic Period

"I'm Going to Ask a Stegosaur to Dinner" - page 45
Jurassic Period

"Words That Describe the Eating Habits of Two Dinosaurs and My Cousin"
- page 44
Jurassic / Cretaceous

"Quetzalcoatlus" - page 30
Cretaceous Period

"America, the Beautiful Home of Dinosaurs" - page 18
Cretaceous Period

"Dinosaur Math Quiz" - page 40
Monoclonius, Triceratops, and Pentaceratops are Cretaceous

"The Arms of Deinocheirus" - page 21
Cretaceous Period

"Ankylosaurus" - page 16
Cretaceous Period

"Anatotitan" - page 25
Cretaceous Period

"The Horn" - page 29
Parasaurolophus is Cretaceous

""Pachycephalosaurus" - page 38
Cretaceous Period

"A (Mostly) Dinosaur Alphabet" - page 26
Xiphactinus & Zalamdalestes are Cretaceous

"True Colors (Something to Thnk About If It's True That Birds Are Descended from Dinosaurs) - page 23
Cretaceous Period

"Something Else to Think About If It's True That Birds Are Descended from Dinosaurs" - page 41
Tyrannosaurus rex is Cretaceous

"Odd Pair" - page 60
Tyrannosaurus rex is Cretaceous
cockroach is Carboniferous

"Incorrect" - page 51

"Cold Enough" - page 52

"An Ancient Horse" - page 46
Hyracotherium is Paleogene Period (Eocene Epoch)

"A Change of Mind" - page 56
fish walking on land is Devonian Period
wolves becoming whales is Paleogene Period (Eocene Epoch)

"Hippos and Elephants: Two Stories That Are Probably True (Except Maybe the Parts About Talking and Thinking)" - page 53
hippos are 15 MYA so that's Neogene Period (Miocene Epoch)
elephants are 1.6 MYA so that's Quaternary Period

"A Poem to Help You Figure Out What Bone the Patella Is" - page 64
chimpanzees and humans diverged between 5 and 7 MYA
Neogene Period (Miocene Epoch)

"A Poem About One Way Scientists Tell How Smart Our Ancestors Were: They Measure the Brain Size by Filling the Skull with Uncooked Rice and Then Pouring the Rice into Measuring Cups (Yucch!)" - page 59
early humans from 3 MYA is Neogene Period (Pliocene Epoch)

"What You Should Answer If Some Scientist Comes Up to You and Says, 'What Do All Proboscideans Have in Common?'" - page 58
Quaternary Period

"The Evolution of the Woolly Mammoth" - page 66
Quaternary Period

"Something to Think About If Someone Asks You If You Would Like to Move into a Beautiful New House Right Next Door to a Saber-Toothed Tiger Family" - page 74
Quaternary Period

"A Long Time (or Sometimes You're Not as Important as You Think)"
- page 62
Homo sapiens is Quaternary Period

"206" - page 70

"Stand Up Straight!" - page 68

"Mammals: The Smallest and The Smartest" - page 69

"I'm Glad That Dinos Are Extinct" - page 76

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