Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Favorite Stores for Waldorf Books, Toys & Household Things

I'm cleaning up the menu of this blog by making the long list of Waldorf shops I recommend into its own post. I would also really like other people to weigh in on this one! The big advantage of a post is that people can comment. Many new Waldorf stores have sprung up over the past decade!

Supporting small family-owned stores is also important. I did my Christmas shopping for Zac this year from Nova Natural, Farm to Feet (wool socks), and A Toy Garden, and I also just restocked my classroom stash of wool felt and wool roving from A Child's Dream and Mercurius main lesson books from Meadowsweet Naturals.

Here are some other shops I know and love; please share your favorites:



    Ava's Appletree

    This dollmaker holds a special place in my heart. She gifted my children her first-ever Waldorf doll, the one she made for practice.