Sunday, December 6, 2020

FREE Worksheets for Rounding

Some math skills you need to practice abstractly because there aren't that many real-life instances of them. Rounding is a perfect example. I suggest introducing it in Third Grade and practicing in multiple contexts (rounding with whole numbers, money, and time, as well as units of distance, mass, and capacity). Reinforce in Fourth Grade and practice with Fractions. Reinforce in Fifth Grade and practice with Decimals.

I do think that having a free account at Teachers Pay Teachers is useful for worksheets, when you want them, and so here are some links to Rounding activities that I liked. A LOT of things on that website are not high quality, sadly, so use it with caution and keep your eye open for editing mistakes.

Whole Numbers

Escape Room Challenge: Addition, Subtraction, Rounding
very light on the "escape room" theme, multiple choice problems
includes rounding as well as written / standard / expanded form

Rounding to the Nearest 10 and 100
simple, one sheet

Rounding Whole Numbers Task Cards
32 task cards, nice variety, self-checking answer sheet

Rounding to the Nearest 10, 100 and 1000 Clip Cards
need clothespins, self-checking, but they do have to be printed in color

Roll, Round, and Cover
need three dice and colored tokens, competitive game between two people
good practice but this game is based on pure luck which may be frustrating

Height & Weight

Dog Height & Weight Rounding
this is a really cute idea that kids will love (also includes decimal pages)


What Time Is It? Rounding to the Nearest 5 Min
simple, one sheet


Rounding Money Worksheet
grocery store, rounding to the nearest dollar

Rounding Money
nearest dollar, nearest ten cents, nearest ten dollars, estimating a sum
does not have an answer key


Rounding Fractions
to 0, 1/2, or 1


Rounding Decimals
helpful for kids who need to write both possibilities and the halfway point
60 problems, does not have an answer key

Rounding Decimals Matching Game
print and put in a baggie, can be made self-checking
I would not use the recording sheet because it should be ≈ not =

Dog Height & Weight Rounding
this is a really cute idea that kids will love

Rounding Decimals: Whole Number, Tenths, Hundredths
39 problems, has a fun riddle to solve, does not have an answer key

Rounding Task Cards
40 problems, rounding from the thousands place to the thousandths place

Rounding Decimals Coloring Activity
need a straight edge and colored pencils (blue, green, yellow, red)

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