Friday, January 14, 2022

Classroom Photos - September Part I

in addition to monarchs, we find pink ladybug nymphs on our milkweed!

this means the ladybugs we raised and released during Botany have naturalized into our garden

more complex patterns in Form Drawing

painting with water on a clean chalkboard is an excellent way to practice

so is a tray of shaving cream!

explorations of what happens when you mix two primary colors

we love mixing the concentrated Stockmar paint with water

red and blue

translating the watercolor painting into a wool painting

the braided belt is a classic Handwork project with the primary colors

finger knit each small ball of yarn, then braid the three together to make a Rainbow Belt!

yellow and blue

storage of school supplies for the Outdoor Classroom

working on a card from Pattern Play


practicing Form Drawing with window crayons and a mirror

red and yellow

even rest time is fun when you're outdoors

soaking watercolor paper

we combine all three primary colors to make a rainbow

we even have a caterpillar form a chyrsalis on the table in the garage!

those fifth instars move fast...

after getting him to step onto a branch we carry it out and lean it against the brick wall; he is able to climb up

ladybug nymphs hidden on our milkweed go through their metamorphosis as well!

this insect was also hiding... and he's NOT one we want in our terrarium

see how he's sucking the chrysalis like a smoothie?

translating the watercolor painting into a beeswax crayon drawing

a new form... six circles of different sizes

what could go better with that than making bubbles?

a homemade bubble wand of wire wrapped tightly with pure wool yarn

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