Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Notes from gr.5 Decimal Fractions Block

As with the Fractions, this student also had an introduction via the hand-on Montessori math materials first (introducing decimals and their place value, static and dynamic addition and subtraction) for several weeks in December. He is now beginning to create a formal main lesson book. So far we have used the Decimal Fraction Board, Decimal Fraction Exercise, and Decimal Fraction Exercise Activity Set 1. We will move into muliplication and division in this block, and explain in his book how to solve those problems as well.

These notes will be updated as we go along.

Mon, Jan 10

Tue, Jan 11

Wed, Jan 12

    Rounding Decimals Coloring Activity
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    add to MLB: what is a decimal? (rough draft is pictured below)

    include an example number written in the Montessori color coding, with four digits before the decimal point and four digits after

Thu, Jan 13

Tue, Jan 18

    Decorating the Tree
    FREE on TpT

    I had him do three of the "Decorating the Tree" problems as repeat addition with the decimals. Then we ignored the decimal point and did the same three problems as long multiplication. Then I showed him that the answers are the same as if you counted up the number of digits behind the decimal point in the problem and put the same number of digits behind the decimal point in the answer (whoever first figured that out was a genius). And he did the remaining problems by multiplying the decimals. Because of the nature of the problems, these were all multiplying by a one digit multiplier.

Wed, Jan 19

    learn how to multiply a 2-digit number by a 2-digit number

Thu, Jan 20

Mon, Jan 24

Tue, Jan 25

Wed, Jan 26

Thu, Jan 27

Tue, Feb 1

    learn how to do long division abstractly (transition from division with the Racks & Tubes)

    practice using problems in Attack Math Division 3 workbook

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