Friday, January 14, 2022

Classroom Photos - September Part II

the finished rainbow belt

what else is a circle?  the hoop from the Game of Graces!

we carve the curve of the crescent moon

and draw a rainbow on its side

the Golden Mat and Colored Bead Bars


making knitting needles

while the acorn caps on our homemade needles dry, we begin 2- and 4-finger knitted snakes

a load of foam "bricks" is delivered for later...

Levers in Physics (first class, second class, third class)

older children get their choice of Handwork projects...

a crocheted animal puppet of their own invention?
(mine is a rooster)

an embroidered felt needle case?

a knit and crochet owl?

a knitted hat of their own design?  

(here are the four examples I made over the summer)
an embroidered felt circle mat?

this is the one I made for our Silver Bell in the Outdoor Classroom

and that's the one he decided to begin with

our newest form:  the teardrop

fun with watercolor pencils!

using a spray bottle to make it "rain"

older children get more expensive art supplies...

making teardrops out of clay

we wonder...
does every combination of blue and yellow result in the same green?

time to experiment!

we experiment with water-soluble oil pastels and watercolor paints so that we have lots of variety of colors 

Zac is really excited to begin!

again, the older children are always interested in joining in, and they do things at a higher level, working more slowly and carefully

afterwards the rinse water is a very lovely deep green

Zac helps an older friend with his Photosynthesis lesson

the Autumnal Equinox inspires us to look at < equ > in SWI

we explore curves in different directions

skip counting verses with frogs and a pond

and checking out the repairs being made in the sidewalk

this "woolly" form is a perfect transition into learning to knit!

my favorite book for teaching knitting:  Red Berry Wool

good job, Zac!

in Physics, we move on to Pulleys

with my beautiful Haba wooden block & tackle

making forms in shaving cream never gets old

a really fun book about the invention of the Slinky

I was checking to see if a spring is a Simple Machine
(it's not... but it's a great example of a spiral!)

coiling a pipe cleaner around different cylinders to make spirals

Zac carefully arranges his snake in a spiral on his bed

Zac grabs a piece of chalk and starts writing a bunch of crosses, on the chalkboard, so I decide we should move on from spirals to something new (but we do need to return to the theme and do the lemniscate later)

curious about Bananagrams, he sorts the pieces not knowing the letters 
(First Grade will do Capital Letters in November and January)

in Physics, we study the Wheel & Axle

working as a team, we head up the block to see just how big the circumference of this first wheel was...

the answer:  enormous!!!!

the Balloon-Powered Car challenge

I get out the old red wagon from when my mom was little so they can study how is put together

ready to test a design!

the story of The Quiltmaker's Gift inspires a painting project

starting from the first marble that he gave away, his happiness grows and grows (spiraling outward until it fills everything)

this is so incredibly beautiful!!!

Michaelmas Day... the before picture

we are finally ready to unpack the bricks

if you missed the pictures of what they built, there are photos in Michaelmas 2021

more with Wheel & Axle before adding it to the MLB

could you lift all this?

what if it were in a wagon?

then you could move it easily

this form reminds me of a chestnut burr, and inspires a field trip Oct 1

we also want to do this form as Scratch Art, so the paper has to be prepared in advance

another student is doing a different kind of Physics:  Light

making envelopes of different colored construction paper to see how the temperature will be affected

checking your shadow every hour throughout the day

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