Monday, February 18, 2008


Today is a beautiful sunny day so we celebrated by going outside to blow bubbles. I got some star bubble wands from Bella Luna Toys & the girls loved them. Natalie is home from school today for the holiday so during naptime for the other 2 she stayed up and did some special projects with me. First she wrote a lovely thank you card for her Aunt Jenn. Then we designed and assembled her birthday party invitations. It is customary in her school for the child to invite the entire class (14 kids) but I needed something low key and low budget. The solution? A picnic party! Wonderful for including siblings too and all those boys can happily run around and be rowdy.

The invitations were made of a small white paper bag (inside a regular letter size envelope) with the child's name written on it. Inside the paper bag we put a large tag with the invitation information on it. Beside the typed information (Date, Time, RSVP, BYOB = bring your own picnic blanket and picnic lunch, drinks will be provided, no gifts please) we glued a little "picnic blanket" made of a rectangle of red and white gingham checked scrapbook paper cut with pinking shears. Natalie glued these all on herself and then stamped a cute line of little black ants walking across the blanket. They are adorable invitations. I am hoping to reserve the church instead of a park so that we have a building to go into in case of rain or cold weather and we can just have an indoor picnic lunch! If not I will just find another location; it is a simple enough party to move around. For drinks I still have plenty of that organic lemonade mix left over from the gorilla fundraiser. Now I just have to think up the party games...

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