Friday, March 17, 2017

Fables Camp - Friday

Here is the outline of our day:

Morning Verse

We are truthful and helpful and loving in trust
For our heart's inner sun glows brightly in us
We will open our hearts to the sunbeams so bright
And we'll fill all the world with our heart's inner light

Theatre Games from Drama Notebook

We've been playing our favorite theatre games from earlier in the week over and over! So I only introduced one new one today (making a total of 18).

Mine Field

    Fill the playing space with random obstacles such as turned over chairs, books on the floor. Blindfold one player and have her stand at one end of the playing space. Put one or two other players on the other end of the playing space. They will ‘guide’ her through the mine field by verbally calling out instructions.

Whole Group - Morning

"The Country Mouse and the Town Mouse"
we used the version from the Watermill Classic edition of Aesop's Fables

decorating pairs of wooden spoons to be mouse stick puppets - writing the child's initials on the inner curved surface of the spoon and labeling each spoon Town or Country (the least expensive source for nice large wooden spoons is Bed Bath & Beyond - 4 spoons for $2.99 - I gave each child two spoons with different length handles to help them keep the mice straight during the performance) - drawing on faces with colored pencils - adding ears and clothing with construction paper and whiskers with yarn - creating the set on the chalkboard while the puppets dried - simple mouse hole on one side of the board and fancy town house and a feast on the other side of the board - sitting below the chalkboard with our stick puppets taking turns telling the story - making a fancy dessert recipe (Strawberry Chia Pudding) to enjoy after lunch

Read Aloud Story

chapter five of The Fox that Wanted Nine Golden Tails by Mary Knight

Younger Group - Afternoon

"The Salt Peddler and the Donkey"
we used the version from Ann McGovern's collection of Aesop's Fables

experimenting with four different types of salt to see which dissolves the most quickly (table salt, kosher salt, French sea salt, pink Himalayan sea salt) - using a kitchen scale to measure the weight of a few small dry sponges and then estimate how much they will weigh when filled with water and then fill them with water and weigh them again - our five small sponges weighed 3 grams when dry, her estimate was 8 or 9 grams when wet, the actual weight was 74 grams!

the older group finished their quilled peacocks during this short science activity

Whole Group - Afternoon

"What Kind of Bird is That?"

creating our own "board game" inspired by the story - choosing whether to use a spinner or two or three dice - choosing an animal part for each option you could spin or roll (elephant trunk, mouse whiskers, whale spout, slug slime, caterpillar feet, pig snout, giraffe neck, saber tooth tiger tusks, snail shell, zebra stripes, etc.) - having each child choose a simple starting animal he/she wants to draw - passing out large pieces of paper - going around the circle rolling dice or spinning the spinner when it is your turn and drawing your original animal (such as a turtle) with the addition of the new animal part - continuing to go around the circle and make more and more additions to your original animal - choosing when to stop - comparing the animals to see whose looks the funniest!

lunch, snacks, outdoor play, indoor play with favorite games from throughout the week, relaxing and enjoying our last day together!

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