Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Circle Template

To help you plan your figures for Mathe-Magics (we did the 12 point star made of 3 triangles today; it is nice with four different colors of ribbon, 3 ribbons of each color), here's a circle template. I find this helpful when organizing my ideas on paper and making notes of what we did for the unit binder.

The children are supposed to make the figure with their bodies, then draw it on the chalkboard for practice, then finally draw it freehand in their main lesson books.

Beautiful blackboards and chalks from Paper Scissors Stone

Making Your Own Chalkboard Tutorial

Actually, I was at a Waldorf workshop on chalkboard drawing and he said to cover the entire chalkboard thickly with white chalk and erase it SEVERAL TIMES -- this fills the pores with chalk. It's an important step.

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