Monday, October 11, 2010

Halloween Read Aloud, Christmas Wish Lists

In class we are doing Candlemaking as Handwork for October, but I haven't decided if we are going to carve anything and make lanterns or if I'm just going to send the candles home and let the families decide. I know that we aren't going to do a Halloween read aloud story because it's Audubon this month. But I am doing a Halloween read aloud with my kids at home because I happen to have a favorite chapter book from my childhood -- I saved my copy -- and I've decided to read it to them. It is called THE WITCH WHO SAVED HALLOWEEN

I had a family meeting with the children today about Christmas Wish Lists. As we've unpacked the basement after the most recent move, it has become increasingly clear to me that these children have plenty of toys, books, and clothes. They don't need more STUFF. What they need are new EXPERIENCES. So we had a meeting about making wish lists of things we want to do. I just got the two older girls new bikes, for example, and a soccer ball. Last weekend my boyfriend (who I have been dating for a few years but have known for half my life) and I took the girls camping... and they had a blast. Last night he surprised me with tickets for all five of us to go to Ovo by Cirque du Soleil since it's appearing in the DC area. He waited for years to decide if we were serious enough for them to meet him. I guess things are getting pretty serious now! :-)

Anyway, here are the lists I got back from the girls. I told them not to worry about money, just to put the things they want to do and I'll figure out if I can make them happen.

Natalie's list includes snowboarding, ice skating, having hot chocolate, going to the movie theater, and dance lessons ("tape and balay")

Leah's list includes a trip to Russia and China, winter camping, rock climbing, tap and "balae" lessons, and skiing

Rebecca's list includes going to the fair, visiting a corn maze, going out to lunch, and "ballat" lessons

It looks like Ballet Shoesis going to be our next read aloud!

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