Tuesday, October 12, 2010


We are beginning a new main lesson (Math - 2nd grade) called Mathe-Magics by Eric Fairman. Or you could simply call it Number Shapes and Patterns. I am using his Path of Discovery series Math book A Steiner-Waldorf Mathematics Resource and Henning Anderson's Active Arithmetic (works best with a group of 12 children to make the figures).

I am putting together the following:
12 colored ribbons (3 meters long each)
12 golden stars made of thick paper
enough nuts for each student to have 12 (pecans, walnuts, or chestnuts work well)

The children already have boxes of colored pencils. I am excited about this unit! To be honest, I've always been a little bit afraid of teaching this block so I will post my notes as I go, so as to hopefully make it less daunting for someone else.

Star Template pdf

Bulk Pecans in Shell

Obviously, not everyone is lucky enough to gather horse chestnuts or acorns for free! But this would be the time of year to go get that manipulative off the ground if possible.

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