Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Great Connections for Beeswax Modeling

We are working on beeswax modeling right now. I am reading a poem about an animal and then passing out the beeswax (we keep the pieces of beeswax in a basket in the classroom -- the children are allowed to choose their own color) and I read a picture book (which relates to the poem) to the children while they warm up their beeswax in their hands. They are to warm it for the entire length of the story. Then when the story is done they begin to model the animal. I don't think this is usually how it's done but I find that the poetry is inspirational and I want to bring it to the children, but a poem is not long enough to warm up a piece of wax.

Here are some great pairings I have found:

"The Mouse" by Elizabeth Coatsworth

"Snail" by Langston Hughes

"Little Snail" by Hilda Conkling

I am writing up the unit as we go and next week, when it is done, I will add the ideas I used to the website. I'm using Favorite Poems Old and New: Selected For Boys and Girlsas my poem collection.

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