Thursday, June 8, 2017

Summer Camp Planning - Cenozoic I - Paleogene

Please note, if you have arrived at this post out of chronological order, that this is part of my overall From Lava to Life summer camp planning.

At the bottom of the post I've updated with the actual lesson notes after teaching it... if you find my brainstorm-jumble frustrating, I hope this added information will help! Please feel free to contact me with any questions!

Already Owned:

Bought for Camp:


    read Paleogene book from

    fossils from my collection: my NEW amber with inclusions!
    from Etsy seller emundas "Paleogene amber Baltic Amber is a 45-54 mill years old fossil resin from conifer trees, found at the Baltic coast. I sell genuine, authentic, real, natural Baltic Amber."

    The Evolution of Whales
    40 MYA - Eocene Epoch, Paleogene Period

    venn diagram comparing fish to whales
    good for class discussion or for museum display

    Dolphin Evolution

    What Did Dolphins Evolve From?
    I saw a museum exhibit once that said From Wolves to Whales, which was a good way of thinking of it

    cats, dogs, pigs also evolve -- the book has a nice chart

    still, that doesn't help me when it comes to artwork! however, time may be speeding so fast now that it will be irrelevant as far as the calendar project is concerned

    rain painting - something different and nice for that fuzziness furriness of mammals

    possibility - loan to families? A Plastic Ocean DVD

    host screening? this would be a great event for the community and we could do it the weekend after the camp wraps up, to help drive home the idea that this earth is precious and a lot of life forms deserve our respect. it isn't only us that live here



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