Thursday, June 8, 2017

Summer Camp Planning - Paleozoic II - Ordovician

Please note, if you have arrived at this post out of chronological order, that this is part of my overall From Lava to Life summer camp planning.

At the bottom of the post I've updated with the actual lesson notes after teaching it... if you find my brainstorm-jumble frustrating, I hope this added information will help! Please feel free to contact me with any questions!

Already Owned:

Bought for Camp:


    Ordovician Period Information and Facts - National Geographic

    read Ordovician book from

    fossil from collection: bryozoan

    the time period that took place 488 to 443 million years ago

    "During the Ordovician period, part of the Paleozoic era, a rich variety of marine life flourished in the vast seas and the first primitive plants began to appear on land—before the second largest mass extinction of all time ended the period."

    good time to hit plate tectonics, since the first day is already pretty full


    fish becoming more widespread - fish printing now or in the Age of Fishes? - I do have the rubber starfish which we can print

    horseshoe crabs!

    these animals are so cool but intimidating to draw

    "There is also evidence that the first primitive plants began to appear on the previously barren land. These first steps toward life on land were cut short by the freezing conditions that gripped the planet toward the end of the Ordovician. This resulted in the second largest mass extinction of all time, wiping out at least half of all marine animal species about 443 million years ago."

    maybe a pie chart of how much of life died? or early plants as the art? instead of trying to draw horseshoe crabs

    get a fish for the classroom

    webbed hand experiment - plastic bag - aquarium

    prep Tuesday night:

    • November artwork - trilobites - india ink, glue bottles with good lids, pencil, examples of trilobites, chalk pastels (tomorrow)
    • set out Ordovician book and fossil
    • prepare plate tectonics lesson, pieces to cut and move, This Dynamic Planet map
    • gather fish printing supplies - starfish, liquid watercolors, foam brush, newsprint
    • gather supplies for second mass extinction pie chart


WEDNESDAY PM - read Ordovician Period book


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