Thursday, June 8, 2017

Summer Camp Planning - Mesozoic II - Jurassic

Please note, if you have arrived at this post out of chronological order, that this is part of my overall From Lava to Life summer camp planning.

At the bottom of the post I've updated with the actual lesson notes after teaching it... if you find my brainstorm-jumble frustrating, I hope this added information will help! Please feel free to contact me with any questions!

Already Owned:

Bought for Camp:


    read Jurassic book from

    fossils from collection: ammonite, fossil dinosaur bone, dinosaur coprolite, sea urchin

    to be honest, I find the dinosaurs pretty boring compared to the Paleozoic Era, so it's hard for me to get excited about this time period. I know the kids love it though. But I find it hard to think of artwork or museum displays because I think dinosaurs would be so challenging to draw!!! Maybe something with casting a footprint? One of the most memorable things I've ever done is stood in the fossilized footprint of a massive plant eater in Utah... it was so DEEP and so you knew right away this guy was HEAVY

    dinosaur shadow puppet - black paper - bamboo skewers
    the kids might like to do a battle between the plant eaters and the meat eaters

    *** appparently the nice people at Moulin Roty made some and you can buy them instead of having to make them!

    dinosaur concrete poem — have kids write them for a big dinosaur display? from Alison Sage poetry bk
    "Do Not Disturb the Dinosaur" by Gina Douthwaite (page 114)

    or just any dinosaur poems - Bone Poems by Jeff Moss

    we could make a display with some kind of creative writing exercise in dinosaur poetry -- that would be fun!

    Crocodiles are 'stuck in the past': Genetic study shows reptiles are closely related to birds but their evolution is 'unusually slow'
    article - 2014

    Pangea is splitting apart, so we could show that in our museum - Pangea flipbook lesson?

    sea snails, bony fishes, sharks & rays

    cycads on land

    the first birds - some activities about feathers? a feather collage could be fun and a nice piece of artwork - making birds with small pieces of feather like in MaryAnn Kohl's project

    prep Tuesday night:

    • order dinosaur shadow puppets -- will arrive Wednesday
    • buy bird egg/nest rubber stamp from Hobby Lobby
    • set out supplies for feather bird collage
    • set out Jurassic Period book & fossils, Storybook Art, Bone Poems, Hutchinson Treasury of Children's Poetry, crocodile article
    • set out clipboard and paper for creative writing pieces
    • tomorrow - finish displays for Devonian & Carboniferous, finish ginkgo artwork, review Permian & Triassic and plan posters, complete Tree of Life puzzle, continue to finger knit and weave



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